Welcome to the wonderful world of integrations! When you have the need to get data moving from another system to Talenom, the solution might be software integration. Talenom has various interfaces to different sub-accounting areas. For example, sales invoices can be done in external system and transferred to Talenom, where the invoices will be sent and transferred to bookkeeping and the monitoring of the receivables taken care of. Or if you are using a worktime management to monitor your employees’ working hours, the integration between your system and Talenom’s systems can help you save precious time by transferring the needed information to Talenom’s payroll system for the purpose of salary payment.   If you can’t find the software you are using from our Integration portal, please contact your contact person at Talenom and provide the needed information of the integration. We will then examine the request and contact your system provider in order to solve with them, if the system integration is technically possible. Once this has been solved, the implementation of the integration can proceed.

For developers

These are the developer documentation pages for Talenom integrations.

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For users

Software integrations guidelines, support and useful documentation.

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